RMIT University Bundoora West Campus – Pedestrian Spine

RMIT University has commenced upon a $600 million capital works program to be rolled out over a five-year period. A part of this program, the RMIT Bundoora West Campus Pedestrian Spine landscaping project, began in 2010 and was completed in July 2011. The project extends and enhances the University’s main pedestrian spine, improving the ease with which the campus can be navigated.

The Eigen Group worked together with architects TCL (Taylor Cullity Lethlean) and contractor Probuild to construct the extended meandering pathways that connect into public transport nodes and local amenities. EigenStones supplied and installed a high quality stone with a raised edge treatment for this project, delighting architects due to its ability to give the path presence and definition in the landscape; Eigen Tactile supplied and installed Tactile Ground Surface Indicators to accommodate vision-impaired pedestrians. In the area around the new Lecture Theatre, Building 224, the paving encircles the structure and extends into the courtyard space. The paving, essentially a single ground plane, fulfils the architects’ wishes to produce the feel of a natural structure sitting within the landscape.

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